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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia travel guide and hotels

Malaysia’s modern capital blends some of the world’s tallest buildings with traditional temples, superb hospitality and great shopping. Kuala Lumpur is a refreshing travel hub and undeniably satisfying.

Explore Kuala Lumpur with this 100 page travel guide, start planning and book your trip here.

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Whether you’re atop the KL Tower, at the bottom of the soaring Petronas Towers, among thriving Chinatown or in the serene botanical gardens, Kuala Lumpur keeps its tourists busy…click and read more.

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Don’t miss out on bargains, from gigantic malls to bustling traditional markets, you could spend days shopping for local and international gifts at basement prices…click and read more.

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Get your camera ready for Putra Jaya – Malaysia’s showcase capital, explore the murky Batu Caves or go as far as historic Melaka to see more of Peninsula Malaysia…click and read more.

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Some of Asia’s best value big city hotels are found in Kuala Lumpur, where plush hospitality, a friendly Malaysian smile and comfortable experience are all part of the good value rates we’ve secured with Agoda…search and book here.

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When it comes to tourism, Malaysia’s slick professionalism is certainly pure Asia, and Kuala Lumpur does it best. Whether you’re here on business, shopping or simply for leisure you’ll find your hotel stay pleasurable. Served with a friendly smile, hospitality in this country is noted for being great value, and Kuala Lumpur is a travel destination that boasts an excellent selection of accommodation. When it comes to eating, there are plenty of choices, both spicy Malay cuisine or international dishes in affordable restaurants. An afternoon in a spa can be another highlight of your stay. We’ve teamed up with Agoda to offer you the biggest selection of bargain rates on the web.

Hotel Rooms

The heartbeat of modern Kuala Lumpur can be found in a square kilometre known as the Golden Triangle, where you will find the Petronas Towers – formerly the world’s tallest, the KLCC Mall complex, KL Tower and many hotels. The older part of the city is centred on the historic Merdeka Square, where independence was declared and today the site of some stately architecture. A wander around the adjacent Colonial District admiring important mosques or shopping in Chinatown should be on the itinerary. Then there’s Lake Gardens, a lovely green lung in the city and site of the National Monument, Bird Park and Orchid Garden. Venture out of the city and you can marvel at the photogenic Putra Jaya – the purpose built capital, and the Hindu-influenced Batu Caves.

Exploring KL’s two Little Indias

While Chinatowns are a common feature in any reasonably-sized city around the world, Little Indias are much rarer. However, Kuala Lumpur doesn’t just have one Little India, it has two of them. Or possibly not, depending on whom you speak with. This is because the original Little India, which has been there for over a century, has officially had its title taken away and handed over to the newly-designated neighbourhood in Brickfields.