Kuala Lumpur amusement parks

There are a great number of theme parks in Kuala Lumpur that make for an entertaining excursion with family and friends. And with a wide variety of attractions ranging from waterslides and rollercoasters to cultural exhibits, there something for everyone.

Younger travellers will love Kuala Lumpur theme parks for the exhilarating rides which bend and twist in all directions, seemingly defying physics. Plus visitors can get transported into their favourite fantasy and take on the role of comic book heros or mythical creatures or learn about the history of the nation.

Genting Theme Park

Set 51kms northeast of the city, Genting is one of the original amusement parks in Kuala Lumpur. And at more than 2,000m above sea level, the resort boasts panoramic views of the Ulu Kali mountains and a huge range of entertainment opportunities.

Space Odyssey 20 is a terrifying rollercoaster which plunges visitors into an abyss reminiscent of far away galaxies, while the Corkscrew twists and turns at breathtaking speeds. The Around the World Train Ride is a more sedate ride and is thus good for the little ones, featuring as it does animated figures decked out in national costumes that greet passers-by as the carriage travels past famous landmarks.

Genting also has a wide range of high quality hotels and also boasts an all-encompassing and popular casino which offers Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, French Bull, Keno and Tai Sai, along with many other games, slots, and entertainment. Eating and drinking here can also be enjoyed. (website: www.rwgenting.com).

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

This recreation of a sunken mine is one of the most original theme parks in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps even the world. Situated mere minutes from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport in Bandar Sunway, Sunway Lagoon fills 80 acres with wild adventure water rides plus amusements.

Along with waterslides and a wild west park there are flying carpets, rafting, zip-lines and runaway trains. Plus the Sunway hotel has top-class accommodation on site so there is no need to miss anything. (website: www.sunwaylagoon.com).  

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Not strictly a Kuala Lumpur theme park as it is found quite far to the north of the city, Bukit Merah is still a popular destination for holidaymakers. Completely surrounded by a tropical lakes and forest, this resort is ideal for a family getaway.

There is an reasonably-priced hotel on the premises and plenty to do including fishing, golf, boat rides and lakeside cruises. There are eight attractions in the waterpark, including a slow river ride, giant wave pool plus raft tubing. The Swedish-made inflatable Giant Bubble allows guests to bounce, climb, slide and slip along the route. There is also an Orangutan reserve for nature lovers. (website:www.bukitmerahresort.com.my).

Wet World

This is an extremely popular family waterpark in Kuala Lumpur featuring all manner of slides. The favourite of which is Monsoon Buster, the longest uphill watercoaster on the planet which rises and plummets for more than 200m. There are also fast food counters, changing areas and a gift shops.

A’Famosa Water World

This is the best south Kuala Lumpur waterpark with an emphasis on family fun. Actually found by Malaka, there are novelty rides such as body slides, high velocity chutes and jet skis for the older kids. Arabian Village is a playground for younger children which takes its inspiration from North African architecture. With minarets and onion domes, kids can enjoy water tunnels, climb steps or head down slides and tubes.

This waterpark near KL also boasts Malaysia’s longest theme park river. At over half-a-kilometre. The Lazy River enables families to take out a raft and negotiate this relaxing and fun attraction. For those that crave a little more drama, the Wave Area is a recreated beach resort which is sure to entertain all ages. (website: www.afamosa.com).

Colmar Tropicale

This French-themed hotel and park occupies 80 acres of forest only 40 minutes by car from KL. There are a large number of attractions in this re-created European medieval village including waterfall, hot spring, elephant sanctuary and Malaysian aborigine settlement. And set at 2,600ft, this is the perfect place to enjoy the tranquillity of the majestic Pahang mountains. (website: www.colmartropicale.com.my).

The Mines Wonderland

This Kuala Lumpur theme park can be found slightly south of the city and is strange in that there are no rollercoasters to thrill visitors. However, there is plenty more to keep crowds entertained such as the Snow House in which snowball fights and sledging can be enjoyed. Numerous landmarks from around the world have been recreated for the winter wonderland and for many local children it is the first time they have ever seen snow.

Walkways take visitors to all the different areas, each liberally decked out in verdant foliage, glorious flowers and tall trees. And vintage car rides, trams and boats carry passengers around the shops restaurants and other facilities.